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Nov 18, 2021

November is all about the ladies!

This week on the Passive Accredited Investor Show, in honor of Veteran's Day, we're celebrating Women Real Estate Investor Veterans!

Joining Bill, Wendy, & Jonathan is Stephanie Walter, Principal & Founder of Erbe Investment Group, LLC.

Stephanie Walter formed Erbe Investment Group, LLC for the purpose of real estate investing through multi-family and commercial properties.

Prior to founding Erbe Investment Group, Stephanie started her professional career by obtaining a degree of a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry and soon started working in the insurance claims industry for 8 years, specializing in working with contractors, overseeing repairs, and keeping projects in line and on budget with the insurance company.


0:01 - Introduction:

1:19 -

1:36 -

3:19 - Today’s guest: Stephanie Walter

5:05 - Stephanie Walter’s humble beginnings

9:28 - Stephanie’s syndication deals

12:24 - What is cost segregation?

12:54 - Stephanie’s strategies in doing real estate deals

14:36 - Do you let them retain their equity position through perpetuity or is there a buy-out period?

15:16 - Are you only focused on multi-family properties?

17:16 - What are the benefits of depreciation for your investors?

18:58 - Are you concerned that all your investments are set in only one market?

21:23 - The best asset type when you have a big migration pattern on your market.

22:23 - Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

25:36 - Connect with Stepanie Walter -

28:50 - Are your syndications only for accredited investors?

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