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Mar 22, 2020

Ryan Parsons, Heritage Capital USA, joins Wendy, Bill, and Jonathan in today's show.

Education for how to look after your wealth, how to handle Back Swan events and how to grow your wealth is constant. If you take your eye off what's happening, you risk losing your wealth.

Heritage Capital USA members have worked hard to earn their place in the Mile Marker Club, and gain exclusive access to their unique deal flow. These families trust Heritage Capital USA. These families depend on us. That’s why they vet deal operators just as carefully as they vet deals, and why you, as a deal operator, will have to work hard to earn their trust, to earn their investment and to create for them investment value in your company.

Heritage Capital USA began over 20 years ago with Ryan Parson seeking alternative investment opportunities for himself and his family. Though the family has grown, the process has not. Nor has the primary goal: to help family members efficiently create and protect generational wealth.

Ryan and his family continue to invest in many of the deals offered to Mile Marker Club members. It’s this notion of being “down in the trenches” as a group – that our members never have to go it alone – that makes the combination of the Mile Marker Club and Heritage Capital USA so special. Ryan and his team truly put their money where their collective mouth is, and members appreciate that.