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Jan 20, 2022

Today at 12:00PM Eastern, Randy Lawrence, Co-founder of Prosperity Capital Partners joins the Carolina Capital Management team to discuss one of his current projects: Parkside Apartment Community in the Atlanta, GA area.

Randy is known as a veteran real estate investor with decades of experience with single- and multi-family properties as well as a transformational community leader and church founder.

After receiving a degree in Finance with a minor in Economics, Randy began his career as a traditional wealth manager. He understands finance and investing strategies in the broadest sense.

Randy previously held Series 7 and 65 licenses from the National Association of Securities Dealers as a Securities Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. He worked in the Money Management sector for fifteen years and owned his own company which he sold in 2006.

Ultimately he is determined that real estate was the ideal investment vehicle for his own portfolio, and early on (over sixteen years ago), he began partnering with other investors, to their mutual benefit.

Presently, Randy oversees a real estate portfolio of $160MM in multi-family assets and is on track to double these holdings in the next three years.

Managing Partner Sara Jo Lawrence is a graduate of the University of South Florida, and she, along with Randy, currently oversees the Prosperity Capital Partners operation.


0:01 - Introduction: What do you do about Inflation?

1:55 -

2:17 - Wednesday with Wendy:

3:21 - Today’s guest: Randy Lawrence

3:55 - The Parkside Crossing Project

10:15 - When ego gets in the way.

14:32 - Providing a win-win situation for everyone

18:29 - When is the good time to invest in real estate?

20:56 - The migration numbers in Atlanta

28:17 - Exit strategies: Sales vs. Refinancing

30:38 - Why would you buy a property with lower cap rates?

34:36 - Connect with Randy Lawrence:

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