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May 9, 2022

The Biggest Opportunities For Real Estate Investors In Today's Market!

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In this episode, Bill Fairman and Jonathan Davis give additional insight into the current state of the real estate industry.

What's going on? Will the housing market remains strong? What to do with the increasing short-term rates?

Find out the biggest opportunities for real estate investors in today’s market!


Carolina Capital Management is partnering with Therapy Resource Group for the event called “Bourbon & Bubbles” on May 13, 2022

Carolina Capital Management believes in helping the community receive the mental health therapy that so many people need.

If you are interested to attend you may email Jonathan Davis at

Therapy Resource Group Event: Website:


0:01 - Introduction:

0:55 -

1:24 - Wednesday with Wendy:

2:19 - The 3rd Annual Quest Expo - Sept 23, 24, & 25, 2022 -

2:50 - Promo Code: FAIRMAN30 - 30% discount

4:13 - - Therapy Resource Group Event:

8:09 - Breaking News - The Feds Are Raising Short Term Rates

12:45 - The Housing Market Will Remain Strong

14:05 - New Legislations Will Come In To Regulate The Real Estate Space

16:40 - The Best Thing To Do If You Are A Wholesaler

18:24 - We Will Not Do Business As a Lender To Any Blue States

21:15 - Long-term Investor Loans Might Be In Trouble

24:15 - What Are The Biggest Opportunities For Real Estate Investors

26:15 - Carolina Capital Management’s Programs -

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