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Aug 31, 2021

Today, on the Passive Accredited Investor Show, the Carolina Capital team will be joined by two very successful women in the Real Estate Investment world to celebrate Women's Equality Day: Heather Dreves of Cogo Capital and Kristy Moore of Local Expert Realty!

Heather Dreves is the Director of funding at Secured Capital Corporation. She has been in the private lending money industry for over 15 years and has held her 63 series licensed.

Heather has been in underwriting. In all parts of the real estate business, she manages a servicing team over Cogo Capital as well. In addition to being in investor relations, she’s on the board of advisers for the National Lending Expert. She is in the very hot market of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Kristy Moore is a bestselling author and self-made multi-millionaire raised from humble roots in Harrisburg, PA.

Starting her life in the rough part of town with her parents on welfare and food stamps, Kristy saw early on how hard work and commitment can change the trajectory of your life. She worked hard in everything from sports to academics and eventually business.

At the age of 23, she bought her first house and completely renovated it. From there, she fixed and flipped over $20M in real estate and built her first real estate team to $1.6M in annual revenue within 3 years of inception.

She currently owns a residential real estate brokerage, staging company, and development company. Recently, she expanded her real estate empire into multi-family housing buying an 84-unit apartment complex without any partners.


0:01 - Introduction: “ Real Estate Powerhouse Women Investors on National Women's Equality Day ”

1:28 -

1:42 - Wednesday with Wendy:

3:14 - Today’s guests: Heather Dreves & Kristy Moore

5:03 - How Heather Dreves started in the real estate business

7:22 - Kristy Moore’s journey in the real estate industry

9:20 - Bill’s first (house) flip

10:48 - The pro’s and con’s of female sexuality in the real estate business

15:31 - Taking advantage of being a woman in the real estate business

19:07 - Wendy’s funny story

19:58 - Kristy Moore’s real estate story in Dillon, South Carolina (this story involves gang members)

28:10 - Heather Dreves’ investment deals

31:30 - Connect with Heather Dreves -

32:21 - Connect with Kristy Moore -

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