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Mar 23, 2022

Join us LIVE every Thursday at 12:00 PM Eastern for the Real Estate Investor Show - Hard Money for Real Estate Investors.

This week, the Carolina Capital Management team is joined by Jeff Johnson to talk about his newest construction project.

Jeff is a licensed engineer turned real estate investor. He started flipping homes in 2009 and left his career as an engineer in 2014.

He currently is a partner in a medium-size spec home building business, a short-term rental management company, and maintains an extensive portfolio of single-family rentals.


0:01 - Introduction: New House Construction, Inventory & Supply Chain Issues

0:54 -

1:10 - Wednesday with Wendy:

2:36 - Breaking News: Tax on Flips in California

5:00 - Today’s guest: Jeff Johnson

6:59 - Relevant issues on building new homes

11:26 - Lumbers disappearing???

13:38 - 3D printed houses & modular homes

16:56 - Not enough entitled lands

19:22 - Jeff Johnson’s Wholesaling Business

20:16 - Jeff’s advice for people who wants to build new houses

24:24 - Flipping entitled lands

25:21 - What is entitled land?

32:19 - Entitlement, Development & Building

34:45 - Connect with Jeff Johnson -

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