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Dec 18, 2019

Bill and Wendy talk about who their ideal client is and what characteristics they look for when putting together a deal.

Different areas of real estate investing bring different qualities.

Wendy and Bill are members of Masterminds and their fellow members are perfect borrowers as they know them and also know how honest and determined.

Wendy offers a weekly free mentoring day for borrowers to meet her and talk about their deals. She can leverage her experience to support her borrowers.

Bill mentioned that his ideal client has done 4 or more deals. They are coachable and listen to suggestions.

If a project goes south, the question is how fast can you get the property sold and the money put into another better deal.

"We are the Canaries in the coal mine. If we don't approve it, it is likely no one will go for it. And you should rethink your project." Bill Fairman

Top Tip: Take advice from experienced experts.

Discover the 2x4 floor project and why you should not do that...