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Jan 20, 2022

In today’s episode of Real Estate Investor Show - Hard Money for Real Estate Investors, the Carolina Capital Management team discussed the current state of the real estate industry.

What's ahead in real estate? Is a crash coming? Are rates going up? Is now the time to buy? Or bail?

“The Non-Qualifying Loans Are The New Money In The Real Estate Market, These Will Become A Great Option for 2022, Whether You Are An Investor Or Not”. - Wendy Sweet

“What Typically Happens In Real Estate Markets When It Is Less Affordable Because Of Interest Rate Hikes, Homes Don’t Go Down In Value But The Market Will Wait For Incomes To Catch Up”. - Bill Fairman

"For 2022, I Don’t See The Real Estate Prices Going Down But The Rate Of Appreciation Will Be Slower”. - Bill Fairman

“When Starting A Business Let It Be Successful First Before You Try To Look Successful”. - Jonathan Davis

“The Big Winners In The Real Estate Business For 2022: The Single-Family Rentals And Self-Storage Investments”. - Jonathan Davis


0:01 - Introduction

0:50 -

1:04 - Wednesday with Wendy:

4:33 - Real Estate of the Industry: 2021 - Prices are up, Inventory down

5:37 - Self-Storage & Apartments

6:40 - Single-family housing in Florida & Miami market

8:05 - Fix and flips are down because inventories are difficult to find

9:07 - What is going to happen now?

9:20 - Who are the biggest winners for 2022 - 2023?

9:29 - Lending side: Single-family renters

16:22 - Office space

18:23 - Can you recommend a good real estate accountant?

19:23 - If and when the market ever takes a downturn, do you think the affordable single-family home prices will go down enough that an investor should wait?

21:57 - Wages and House prices

22:49 - Non-qualifying loans: new money in the real estate market

24:18 - Long-term refinance and purchased loans for rental properties

24:34 - 30-year fixed mortgages on short-term rentals

Carolina Capital is a hard money lender serving the needs of the “Real Estate Investor” and the "Small Builder" borrower who is striving to build wealth and generate income for themselves and their families. We offer “hard money rehab loans” and "Ground-up Construction Loans" for investors only in NC, SC, GA, VA, and TN (some areas of FL, as well).

As part of our business practices, we also serve as consultants for investors guiding them to network with other investors and educating them in locating and structuring transactions. Rarely, if ever, will you find a hard money lender willing to invest in your success like Carolina Capital Management.

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