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Nov 8, 2021

It’s National Common Sense Day!

Today on the Real Estate Investor Show- Hard Money For Real Estate Investors, the Carolina Capital Management team talks about using your common sense when doing real estate deals.

A common-sense note: Always buy a rental property based on the long-term rent potential.

Another thing, do you have a self-directed IRA? Are you even aware that your self-directed IRA was almost taken from you? But thanks to the efforts of all the brilliant people who work together to protect your IRA this crisis has been avoided.

Lastly, Zillow is ditching the home-flipping business! They are selling thousands of homes. Is this a great opportunity for real estate investors?

All these and more in today’s episode of Real Estate Investor Show- Hard Money For Real Estate Investors!


0:01 - Introduction:

0:54 -

1:10 -

4:37 - Breaking News

4:50 - This week’s 30-year fixed rate has gone down to 3.09% (still lower than pre-pandemic)

5:28 - From Redfin: ⅓ of homes listed went under contract in the first seven days

8:30 - Active house listings are down 21% from 2020

11:17 - Rents are up 16.4% since January 2021

18:09 - Congress took out the IRA language to the Budget Reconciliation Act

20:25 - Self Directed IRA Is Your Key To Financial Freedom

25:50 - Next Show: Passive Accredited Investor Show -

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