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Nov 30, 2021

Today, on the Passive Accredited Investor Show we are celebrating one of the many princesses that we know (one could even call her a Queen)!

Mary Hart joins the Carolina Capital Team at 1:00 PM Eastern to discuss what she has been teaching Real Estate Professionals all over the country!

Mary is an attorney and the owner of Hart Law in Asheville North Carolina. She has been practicing law for 30 years and has spent years teaching real estate investors and others how to accelerate and preserve wealth through Estate Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Investing with Self-Directed IRAs, Private Money Lending, Selling Real Estate through a Section 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange and more.

Mary particularly enjoys empowering others with the knowledge to live a financially successful life and the means to pass that wealth onto loved ones – which she considers to be the ultimate love letter! Although Mary enjoys the practice of law, she knows she can empower more people through education and wants to enrich their lives through financial knowledge!

Mary believes that financial literacy is missing in the lives of most Americans as financial education is not generally taught in the school system and she hopes to help raise awareness of the importance of financial knowledge to the quality of life of all Americans.


0:01 - Introduction:

1:39 -

1:57 -

2:41 - Today’s guest: Mary Hart

3:43 - Mary Hart, The Lightning Lips

5:32 - Your state plan is your ultimate love letter

8:49 - If you have properties in several states do you recommend putting each property into its own LLC or one LLC to cover them all?

10:59 - What states do you think are better for LLC?

12:55 - As for sheltering real estate, do you recommend LLC, Trusts, etc?

20:41 - Mary Hart and Short Term rentals.

22:52 - Mondays with Mary:

29:26 - Connect with Mary Hart -

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As part of our business practices, we also serve as consultants for investors guiding them to network with other investors and educating them in locating and structuring transactions. Rarely, if ever, will you find a hard money lender willing to invest in your success like Carolina Capital Management.

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