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Nov 18, 2022

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Brett Sims, the Head of Growth of Renovo Financial, joins the Carolina Capital Management team to talk about the current market updates, especially the DSCR loans.

Renovo Financial:

Their story begins in 2011, at the Starbucks on Sheffield and Armitage in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. It’s here where Co-Founders Kevin Werner and Daniel Rosen met to discuss founding a new real estate investment company.

But this company would be different. They wouldn’t simply throw money at clients and expect them to figure out the rest. No, they would take the time to assist their clients through the entire process, never sacrificing service to make a quick buck.

With the help of Granite Creek Capital Partners, the initial equity firm that back Kevin and Daniel, they were ready to start growing their new company, Renovo Financial.

With support from Granite Creek and caffeine in their system, Kevin and Daniel began slowly and carefully lending in Chicago and building their team of rockstar real estate lenders.

For the first five or six years, they focused solely on the city of Chicago. Today, however, Renovo is rapidly expanding across the country with local lenders in more than 10 markets stretching from San Diego to Boston.