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Apr 27, 2022

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This week, Leon Barnes joins Bill Fairman to discuss the current trends and what to expect in residential Real Estate going forward in the next year.

Leon is part of the Executive Team of Collective Genius and has his own real estate company. Collective Genius is a Mastermind for the top 10% of independent Real Estate investors in the country.


0:01 - Introduction: Current Market Trends

1:19 -

1:48 - Wednesday with Wendy:

2:48 - Today’s guest: Leon Barnes

5:39 - The fear of the unknown in the real estate market.

10:20 - The institutional ownership of single-family.

13:47 - The inventory is there but you need to have good marketing to find it.

17:32 - There are still deals to be had because there are still demands from buyers.

18:20 - Everything is a cycle.

19:48 - Flood of Inventories from Foreclosures

21:04 - What is the Collective Genius Mastermind?

23:24 - The Premier Group

23:54 - The Select Group

26:30 - Two Hottest Real Estate Market as of today.

30:09 - Focus On Your Genius

34:47 - Connect with Leon Barnes -

35:33 - The 3rd Annual Quest Expo - Sept 23, 24, & 25, 2022 -

35:57 - Promo Code: FAIRMAN30 - 30% discount

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