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Feb 22, 2019

Join us on this episode with special guest, Fuquan Bilal, of NNG Capital Fund.

Fuquan is a note buying & selling master who has surely been battle and market cycle tested. After surviving being shot 5 times and left for dead after meeting to buy a property, Fuquan overcame and paved a very successful path to note...

Dec 12, 2018

Bill and Wendy sit down with Antoine Martel and talk about how he buys out of state on a regular basis and his keys to success. 

Oct 17, 2018

In this episode, Bill and Wendy have the pleasure of interviewing Paige Panzarello also know as the "Cashflow Chick". Paige talks about her journey as a Real Estate investor and entrepreneur over the past 20 years. Paige has tons of experience in buy and hold residential and commercial real estate investing Tax...

Sep 11, 2018

Bill and Wendy are going to speaking with Salena Kulkarni an Australian real estate investor since 2000 who is currently investing in the United States. She will be discussing the differences between both markets and the challenges that she faced.
Salena Kulkarni

Aug 7, 2018

Bill and Wendy talk about the ever-changing Real Estate market and how they handle the ups and downs. THey Also talk about how to be proactive instead of reactive.